Saturday, April 15, 2017

Aldrich Salen + Kirsty Verceluz Wedding

Aldrich Salen - Kirsty Angelie Verceluz
December 10, 2016
St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish,
Los Baños, Laguna

*Church Flowers and Styling, Bridal bouquet and Groom's Boutonniere. *

About a year or two, the bride, Kirsty, used to be one of the bridesmaids from one of my previous clients, Karen. It's always nice to see bridesmaids becoming brides themselves and it's an honor that they choose us to create and style their wedding's floral designs as well.

The couple wanted a medium-sized, all white flowers for the bridal bouquet and boutonniere with navy blue insets. The groom, Aldrich, made a secret, special request of including a locket or picture frame holder to surprise Kirsty with a photo of her late mother pinned on the bouquet. This made the bride tear up as soon as she saw her mother's photo attached to her bridal bouquet.

Sharing you below are the photos we took during their wedding.

Congratulations and Best Wishes Sir Aldrich and Ms Kirsty!

Thank you for trusting our team!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Ige Ferido + Angeline Moya Wedding

Miguel Ferido and Angeline Moya
July 1, 2016
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Parish
Los Baños, Laguna

*Flowers for the Entourage and Aisle Flowers*

Triatheletes Ige and Angeline finally tied the knot after dating for 7 years. This couple shares a lot of common interests together such as travelling and cooking. Isn't it nice to find someone who shares the same interests as you? I never seen Angeline or Ging this happy until she finally met Ige and I know that for a fact because we are friends since high school.

Sharing below are the photos we took during their wedding ceremony.

Ige and Ging,

Thank you for trusting our Team!
Congratulations and Best Wishes!