Friday, October 28, 2011

Red & Sophisticated Bouquet for Nina Lapiz-Ibabao

It was past 6:30pm, Tuesday night, when my I received a text message from my sister Kea. She asked me if I can do a bouquet  with less than 2 weeks in preparation. ( I don't usually accept last minute orders, but I make some exceptions.. *wink* Because her good friend and classmate in Masters is getting married and wants a simple and elegant bouquet.

Then that's when I learned it was Nina, she and I went to same School back in High School plus we are literally next door neighbors in Grove.

I meet my sister, Nina and her soon to be hubby, Paul at a local resto in Grove that  same night. She said she wanted a red bouquet for her civil wedding which will take place in four days.

Basic Essentials
3 dozen of long stem Red roses. I always get the long stemmed roses every time I have roses request.
Finished Product. Sexy Sleek Red Bouquet. Hand tied flower bouquet

Here's the Photo from their Wedding day.

Photo courtesy of Nina.
Our Client Nina, with her husband Paul. (Photo from the Client except the red flowers)

I hope another bride was happy with what we did.

Congratulations and Best Wishes Nina and Paul!

All the best,


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  1. The flowers gave color to our wedding. Thank you for the wonderful bouquets.