Dear Valued Clients,

We understand how busy wedding and event planning can be, so we have provided you a Frequently Asked Questions section to assist you in your flower arrangement inquiries.

Messages/Inquiries that are INCOMPLETE (e.g. "Can you send me your packages?”, "Can you send me your rates?”, "Can you just email me your price range?" and other similar inquiries/messages) will NOT BE PRIORITIZED. This is in respect for those serious clients who took the time to provide us complete information based on what they need. Please make sure to fill out the inquiry form found in the Notes section of the Facebook page.


A. Do you have a wedding package?
We don’t. All our floral arrangements are customized according to our clients’ preferences.

B. How do the prices differ?

  • Type of flowers and size - Each type of flowers to be used has its own prices. Imported flowers and Seasonal flowers are more expensive than the locally and regularly available ones.
  • Number of the entourage and scope of work - The more the number of entourage and scope of work of a wedding, the more the price will increase.
  • Type of arrangement - Each arrangement requires a certain amount of flowers and certain flower arrangement execution.
C. Can we choose our own flowers to be used?
Absolutely! It's your wedding and it is definitely your choice of flowers!

D. I’m undecided with what flowers to use. I just have inspirations in mind.
We would be more than happy to design and re-create your desired inspiration in mind.

E. What are the "peak seasons"?
Peak seasons are during the last quarter of every year. This is due to anticipation of All Saints and All Souls day and Christmas. February is a peak season too in anticipation for Valentine's day. And during peak seasons, prices of the flowers tend to go higher even if they are ordered in advance.

F. Do you offer event coordination?
Yes. The Creative Backbone is our partner event coordination team that is handled by my sister, Kristine. Please visit www.thecreativebackbone.com for more information on their services.

G. Do you offer other styling services such as Debut, 50th wedding anniversary, Baptismal, Birthday parties?
Yes. Please course it through The Creative Backbone Facebook Account  All our non-wedding events are under The Creative Backbone.

H. I sent a message for a price quotation and I still haven’t received a reply yet.
Please be informed that Aprille dabbles in the wedding industry on a part-time basis. We usually send out the quotation minimum of three weeks after it was sent. However, delays in sending quotations varies due to the following:

  • It is on queue, as we reply on a first message/email received, first serve basis.
  • We have an on-going event, sometimes together with The Creative Backbone.
  • We have an on-going non-wedding related design project.
  • We are on a personal trip (abroad).

You may message us a follow up and make sure that you sent us your complete details as stated in the form.

I. I just want to get an idea of a price range.
We apologize but we do not give out quotations until the bride/coordinator sends out the complete list of the entourage. Please use the inquiry form (See Notes section) to send us the list. Please be informed that we also have a minimum requirement for the number of arrangements due to the computation of the number of designs/labor and materials and other related costs. Please make sure to complete all the details/request in the inquiry format. Answers like Not sure (or similar) will be given LOW priority.

J. Are the prices negotiable?
Yes. We try our best to customize your desired design requirements according to your working budget.

K. What is the difference between the Entourage flowers and Church flowers/Wedding Aisle Design?

  • Entourage - members of the wedding party such as : Bride, Groom, Parents of the Bride and Groom, Principal Sponsors, Best Man, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ring bearers, and Flower Girls.
  • Wedding Church Flowers - These are the flowers at the altar, two candle stands, and aisle flowers/ concept aisle/design.
L. Do you do weddings outside Los BaƱos, Laguna? Do you have out of town charges?
Yes and yes. Out of town charges depends on the location of the wedding. Beyond Metro Manila has a different rate and the client will shoulder the round trip transportation, food, and accommodation of the team.

M. Do we need to meet up for inquiries?
Meet ups are done in the middle of the transactions. First level inquiries are course via email or Facebook messages.

N. What is your reservation fee?
Our non-refundable booking/reservation fee is Php 1,500. This assures the client of our services for that date.

O. How will I know the final amount of the services/requested priced quotation?
The finalization of flowers will be two weeks before the wedding event. The finalization of contracts and down payment will be 2 to 3 months prior the wedding event. Any other additional arrangements should be finalized a week before the wedding date. We do not accept late orders, additional or changes 2 days before the wedding event.


Do you still do Interior Design projects/consultation?

Yes but this is by appointment. You may send an email to aprillearaguas@yahoo.com and ae.araguas@gmail.com with the subject: Interior Design Services.