Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sunny yellow bouquet for an early morning Civil Wedding Ceremony

"A wedding will not be complete with out a bouquet of flowers."

Last month had the opportunity to create assorted flower bouquet for civil wedding bride. 

It was my first time to create something out of my comfort zone, I usually create bunch of similar or pure flowers e.g. pure roses etc.. I wanted to try this  because I just wanted to try yellow buttons on bouquets, in preparation for an event in February.

But first, I would like to show off my new hot pink scissors/cutter, which I absolutely adore and I was just excited to use this for the project.

My hot pink cutter! Don't you just love it?

Take a look on the flowers I used:
Misty Yellow
Wild card:Yellow buttons
The finished product:

TOP VIEW: Finished product

Front View

Angled view
Here's something for the groom:

Groom's Boutonniere

The Bouquet was actually a gift for a cousin whohad a civil wedding ceremony last month. 

Hope she loved it.



  1. Super nice Aps~ :) Everything is so yellow, haha. Bagay na bagay sayo XD