Saturday, July 07, 2012

Destination Wedding: Ivatan Wedding in Batanes

Lizbeth Baroña - Jonathan Edra Wedding
Wedding Date: May 19, 2012, Saturday
Church: Tukon Chapel
Reception: Batanes Resort 

I remember talking last minute to ate Liz, days before the couple's flight to Batanes, regarding final flowers to be used for Bride's bouquet, for the groom, parents, bridal car and helping them with some last minute errands. The fun was just about to start.

This is the first wedding I attended outside the main land (Luzon) or should I say my first destination wedding?? *Supeeeer excited!!!!!

Destination:  Province of Batanes -Northern most Islands of the Philippines between Luzon and Taiwan. Actually they are closer to Taiwan than Manila, (Radio stations are in Chinese language!) Its a well kept beauty from most of the Filipinos and I recommend that you visit Batanes and witness how God is the best artist/designer ever!

It started Thursday night hours before our 6am flight-Friday. After office, we picked up the flowers from suppliers and put it in a secure box. My first time to fly a box full of flowers.
May 17-This is the box that witnessed all the hassle and wrong turns we experienced that night upon arriving at Coffeebean Convergy's in Ayala.  
May 18 - Arrival at Basco Batanes Airport, I was so tired I literally fell asleep in the plane-entire trip until J woke me up to check the island views down below the window

Below are the photos I took pre-wedding, wedding day proper and post-wedding. 

Bride's gown and Groom's suit
At Rakuh A-Payaman a.k.a. Marlboro Country

The mavid (beautiful) Tukon Chapel

The view, right outside of the church, Pacific Ocean
(Left)The Bride's sisters made all the customized aisle decors! I love it! (Right) City lights across the streets of Ayala, was surprised that it looks the same with the wedding motif!
For the Groom, Groom's Dad, and Father of the Bride
Nosegay for the Mothers.

Small Yuvuk (Ivatan Basket) filled with flower petals.
Bridal Car
Bride's Bouquet 

 The lovely & charming niece of the Bride, she's the only flower girl in the entourage.
Playing with the confetti cones.
The Bride's Maids of Honor 
The Newlyweds
In every wedding held in Batanes, it is tradition to have the Fundango-Ivatan traditional wedding dance. The emcee will call the names who will lead the dance in the dance floor for them to start the dancing ( I was informed that usually the best dancer was called to lead).  At the end of the song, it is optional to give something for the couple. One person is designated to collect/receive it [gift]then  another set of leader-dancer will be called again to lead the dancing. 
The cupcakes! (I think I had five.)
With the newlyweds and Gani, their official photographer. Photo by J.

To Tan and Ate Liz,

Congrats and Best wishes!
I hope you loved the flowers.
I had fun running and laughing under the rain in Sabtang! 


A separate entry for my Batanes trip will posted soon.
 Stay tuned! 


  1. AWESOME, Ap!

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