Saturday, November 24, 2012

Client's Testimonial: Stewart James Blackett - Jaydee Handzel Alunday

From:  Stewart James Blackett
Wedding Date: October 20, 2012 

I have to start this by firstly saying Aprille is a natural born perfectionist. You should believe me when I say this because she is my cousin. I have had the honour of being able to watch and study her when she’s dealing with her craft, especially her passion, her knowledge and attention to detail. I actually find it quite strange the fact that she seemingly always gets it right.
In the crazy build up to getting married and organising a wedding you can trust one person has her area under control, that’s her, and that’s a nice feeling. The most important thing to mention is that if you choose her she will deliver, and when I say ‘deliver’ I mean she will give you what you want except it will be better than you could have imagined. A truly stellar performance, we were utterly blown away by her work and realised during and after the integral role it had. With little time and a limited budget we wanted simple but effective- it was exactly that but done in her stunningly, beautiful style. She expertly knew exactly when and where to apply pressure. Everything was perfect and the bouquet stole the show. When looking back at the photos, people still comment on it.
It is true to say Aprille is extraordinarily talented when it comes to flowers. I know it may be simpler to state what makes an artist a professional than what defines them as an artist. Part of an artist's job is to understand how they are seen and what people expect of them, how to execute and deliver their work. The artist defines art, and it seems increasingly true that nowadays artists also define who and what they are. Lets keep this simple… Aprille is an artist.
Thank you Apes. A truly awesome performance!
Love Stew & Jaydee

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