Thursday, October 16, 2014

Client Testimonial: Carla June Bacani - Mueller

From the Bride's blog (Dated September 20, 2014):

Flowers by Aprille Araguas

Of all the suppliers we got, Aprille was the last. This is because I was sure of her. 
I did not consider any other Florists.

I knew Aprille from highschool because we have common friends and LB community is small you almost know everybody :P Aprille was very accommodating with all my inquiries and ang kulit ko pa! I initially booked only for the entourage Flowers and maybe 2 weeks before the wedding, I asked her to style also the reception. She is that nice and accommodating. 

The flowers on the reception tables were really so beautiful! My wedding bouquet super prettyyyy. You can check all my Pinterest pegs herehere and here and grabe lang how Aprille brought it to life. So yes, book her especially if you will get married in Laguna. Not even. Just book her. :-)

And the Bride's Message:

"Thank you Aprille and team for the very beautiful flowers!!! You've made our wedding perfect! Thank you for the very beautiful flowers in our wedding!! You have perfectly captured and executed all our pegs. Sobrang galing!"

- Ms. Carla June Bacani - Mueller
Via Facebook, dated September 4, 2014 

Check out their lovely, shabby chic, rustic themed intercultural wedding here.

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