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Ian Dunning - Chimayne Blackett Wedding

Ian Dunning - Chimayne Blackett Wedding
September 5, 2015
Humanist Ceremony at Druid's Temple
The Swinton Bivouac
High Knowle, Ilton, Masham, Ripon,
North Yorkshire, England
United Kingdom

*Flowers for the entourage, Ceremony Flowers, Reception Styling*

This is probably the most memorable wedding we ever did because it's not the usual traditional wedding, not even the traditional English wedding.  It's my half Filipino-half British cousin, Ate Chim who is getting married and she's did it Glamping Style!

The whole wedding experience, from the preparation to the actual wedding was insanely fantastic! Prior to the wedding, together with their family and friends, (a.k.a "Team Cranes") created a thousand paper cranes for good luck, collected clear jars, and designed them for the venue. We visited the Bivouac where the ceremony/reception will be held 3 days before the wedding and woke up really early to go to Leeds with her friend Kate, to purchase the flowers that I will be using.

The entire wedding preparation experience is definitely a memorable one as I was able to use some of the flowers that I have never used before (for they are just occasionally available in the Philippines). There are so many fun adventures and behind the scenes memories such as laughing out loud while working, enduring the cold British weather, braving the rain on our way to  our Woodland Shack at 2 in the morning, and just by the fact that we flew all the way from the Philippines to witness our Ate Chim get married.

The wedding was a collaboration of all the people who love them. I love how details such as the cotton lace are everywhere! From invitations, flower jars, flower bouquets and to souvenirs labels.

Sharing with you the photos we captured during the wedding:

Cheers! Here comes the newlyweds!

 To Ate Chimayne and Kuya Ian,

Congratulations and Best Wishes!
Thank you for trusting me to do your flowers and the rest of us for the decors.
 Thank you again for the wonderful experience.  I had so much fun!

A big chunk of thanks to our family members for helping out in preparation and decoration of the Ate Chim's wedding:

Ate Tin, Jaydee, Kuya Stew, Ate Karin, Uncle Dave, and Aunt Edith
Thank you so much for all the effort and help. Good Job guys and Thank you so much.

- AA

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