Friday, September 02, 2011

Handmade Headpiece for blushing Bride, Vesma

If its something that I find cute, I will definitely love it. I'm such a fan of small details. Last weekend, the girls and I had a not-so-pro photo shoot, we're not PRO Photographers but everything can be done in Photoshop. *wink*

This is for our first girlfriend who is getting married by December this year. I managed to wake up early and  gathered all my old stock of used ribbons and flowers and created something out of it.

The materials I used:

Ribbons, Beads & Laces

Light pink dotted used ribbons which I kept stored ages ago and old rose brooch that fell off from a blouse  (Yes, I managed to keep things and save it, I do not throw just throw, everything especially if I see future projects that can be used with it)

Tip: Use iron to straighten the used ribbons to make it look like a new one. Applicable only to fabric type of ribbons.

Some shots that I took that day with the head piece that i made. Pink head dress inspired from circa 1920's.

The couple: Jay & Ves

White flowers and Canvass cloth flower (below), I used flower tape and some flower wire along the process of creating circular head piece.

Flower brooch made from canvass cloth that I made last June, made as flower butonnaire.

Canvass: Excess handmade flower brooch

White small daisies head dress, inspired from Kate Moss little bridesmaid.

Got the top photo image  from this Kate Moss wedding  blog.

Here are some of my shots that I took that day with the head piece that i made.

Original Photo of: Ms. Brinks Alo.

 We also used the white headpiece during their official pre-nup pictorial at Blue Gardens in Quezon City with Smart Shots.

Bride to be with head dress and bouquet i made. At Blue Gardens, QC

I'll post separate blog entry for the  behind the scenes photo shoot experience soon.

So, If you ever have have used ribbons flowers wrappers that are not torn or crumpled, keep it, they might be useful to you in the future.


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