Thursday, October 13, 2011

Berlie + Marife Engagement Session

Berlie is my colleague who's going to get hitched by December 2011. I met her fiance Marife during an office trip in Subic back in January 2008.

Last month we had an opportunity to co-shoot their engagement pictorial session at Museo Pambata. I asked my sister to accompany me and do Marife's make up and share her styling skills because its kind of hard for me to think/imagine style the gimmicks/positions/props to use and-take photos and shoot at the same time.

By the time we arrived at Museo Pambata, the couple's official photographer was almost done taking pictures of them! We rushed doing the hair and make-up, good thing he is very accommodating and he willingly started from square one. *wink*

Photos and Layout by: Aprille Araguas
Styling and Creative Director: Kristine Araguas

Here's the finished product:

The old typewriter was just lying around the area until my sister saw it and said she wanted to make use of the old school typewriters.

The "old school" chat

 Inside the Bahay na bato.


Aint no stair that's high enough... 
What I see when I look into your eyes... 
I got your back
Because moments like this are always cherished 

 The next set are playful and colorful.

We went inside the miniature church and worked from there.
It's a small world
You turn me upside down

We wanted to have a playful side of the couple, so we really made use of the other mini-community exhibit of Museong Pambata.

At the barber shop
Play house
Fire Station
This shot was taken in the interactive learning section of the Human Digestive system


To my sister, Teta,

Thank you for joining this project with me! You have a superb of ideas and keen eye for details that you just get from anywhere! I bet it was Kuya photographer who got ideas from us.  lol kidding! good job! looking forward to our next project together.

I believe practice makes perfect. so I will practice more more and a whole lot more.


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