Thursday, January 30, 2014

Danny + Linda Medina's Golden Wedding Anniversary

Danny + Linda Medina
Golden wedding anniversary
Celebrating 50 years of marriage
January 26, 2014
Parish of St. Augustine, Bay, Laguna

* Wedding entourage flowers  *

It was such a joy to deliver the wedding entourage flowers to the house of Lolo Danny and Lola Linda Medina prior to their 50th wedding anniversary ceremony. From the moment we stepped inside the house, we were given such warm welcome as we handed over the flowers to giddy flower girls, pinned boutonnieres to male entourage and got introduced to the rest of the happy members of the family.While Lola Linda is being made up for her "second big day", Lolo Danny shared that he got married at the age of 17, making him 67 years old. You can actually tell in person and from the photos how beautiful they must be during their younger years. 

Their official photographer, brought in a make shift studio to capture the pre-wedding portraits of the Medina family along with their in-laws and grand children. Lolo Danny gamely posed for the camera, hugging Lola Linda as they went along with the photographers direction to capture their best angle. Lolo Danny even joked that they might have another offspring after the pictorial, which elicits laughter from those watching the pictorial from the sides. 

Though its no easy feat to bring everyone together for a formal family portrait, this family gamely posed and cooperates with the photographer that we couldn't help but join in and take photos that we're happy to share with you. 

Congratulations Lolo Danny and Lola Linda and thank you for making our team part of your golden wedding anniversary and especially to Tita Norma Medina for getting us for this special event! 

~ Ap

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