Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Darryl Kim Natividad + Cheryl Agdaca Wedding

Cheryl Agdaca - Darryl Kim Natividad Wedding
Date: January 25, 2014
Philippine National Arts Center, Main Clubhouse
Mt. Makiling, Los BaƱos, Laguna

* Wedding Ceremony Flowers, Arch, Aisle and Entourage *

When I first met Cheryl, I found her bubbly, charming, detail - oriented and loves flowers like me! Her big day was planned out through power point slides of what flowers and design she wanted and even the color motif of the whole event was specified. The bride personally chose the flowers to be used and she wanted to incorporate tropical flowers into the wedding ceremony aisle. 

Instead of the regular wedding coordinator, she has an executive committee or "execom"composed of her closest friends with designated tasks from registration, decorations, ceremony coordinators, program, etc. When we were setting up the place on the actual day, we saw how the whole wedding seemed like a church event with her execom taking care of the preparation down to the spacing on the wedding march aisle. 

It was our first time to do a Jehovah's witness wedding ceremony and first time to set up at National Arts Center Main Clubhouse, where strong winds occur. Our team had to do an ocular on the actual venue months before the big day to make sure our wedding arch is sturdy and would stand against the strong winds, and the design on the bride's aisle for her wedding march had to be weather and wind proof as well. 

Each wedding is fun, unique and challenging and this one is definitely for the books! 

The bride specifically wanted to have birds of paradise incorporated in her wedding ceremony aisle 

Cheryl and Daryl,

Congratulations and Best Wishes!



  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangements. Our wedding is made more memorable because of them. Thanks too for these very nice pictures :-). -Kim and Che