Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Client Testimonial: Kat Wassmer Viray-Mananghaya

"Aprille has to be THE most patient supplier ever. I'm now the official record-holder for the bride with the most number of quotes ever. I must have changed my mind on my themes and flower selections a hundred times before deciding on one, but Aprille was cool with everything. Come our wedding day, Aprille showed up with the most elegant and beautiful flowers anyone of us had ever seen. We hardly recognized any of the flowers but they were all just perfect. Our asther aisle was absolutely beautiful. Aprille capture the simple elegance Eldon and I wanted to achieve that day. Thank you for everything, Aprille! We love you!"

(Sent via Facebook Message, May 14, 2014)  

Check out Eldon and Kat Mananghaya's wedding here.

All Photos in this testimonial post was provided by the bride from their official wedding photographer, Phat foto.

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