Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eldon Mananghaya + Kat Wassmer Viray Wedding

Eldon Mananghaya + Kat Wassmer Viray
Wedding date: May 10, 2014
St. There of the Child Jesus Parish
University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Laguna

* Wedding Church Flowers, aisle and entourage *

Kat and Eldon are the perfect combination of a sassy bride and a cool groom. We got to work with Kat through the recommendation of one of our previous brides and familiarity came easy since we both move in close circles having lived and studied in Los Baños. Kat and I have been exchanging e-mails since February 2013. Eldon, on the other hand, lives in the same subdivision as my family since we were in grade school. 

Bubbly bride, Kat, was fun to work with. She knows what she wants and does a lot of research in obtaining the over all feel of her wedding. Cool, calm groom, Eldon, was a supportive boyfriend, leaving majority of the details up to his lovely bride, while standing up to his personal preference of a no-boutonniere get up to go with his barong that he will be wearing on his wedding day. I love how this effortlessly sweet couple presented me clear visions of what they want to achieve for their wedding flowers. They definitely know what they want and was easy to work with. Our meetings were very light and relaxed like old friends catching up, often filled with funny stories in between wedding planning. 

The wedding was truly full of emotions and happiness that we enjoyed covering the event. Watching the couple from behind the lens, we couldn't help but smile as these two gamely posed for the camera.  Scroll down the post, and you will definitely know what we mean. 

Kat and Eldon,

Congratulations and Best wishes!
Hope you loved the flowers!

Ap ~

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